Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dome Fest

Dome Fest in Albuquerque New Mexico - July 19th - 24th
What an Amazing Conference! Presented at UNM ArtsLab and LodeStar Planetarium

image from HomeRun@FullDome

Congratulations! to David Beining for organizing an outstanding event.

Festival Highlights

US Premire of SkySkan's Dinfiti3D Stereo 3d Full Dome Projection System.
An unbelievable experience in full stereo immersion. An overwhelming experience of the visual cortex giving new meaning to interactive media in the 21st Century.

In one particular scene from NOAA footage from NASA's Weightless Environment Training Facility (WETF). The bubbles from the Astronauts and Divers were so real you felt as if you could touch them. When an astronaut gave you a thumbs up and then tapped you on the glasses it was as if you were really in the tank with them. Incredibly real and immersive.
image from

The World Premiere in Stereo 3d of the Sloan 6 Digital Sky- Real-Time visualization was spectacular. Giving the audience a new experience in understanding the scale and dimension of the Universe in a way never seen before.

Mirage3D's “Dawn of the Space Age” in 4k High-Res

Coming soon to a Full Dome Theater near you this piece of CG has the highest attention to detail I have ever seen in a rendered image. The raytracing, modeling, and materials are incredible. Documenting the history of the Space Race this 45-minute Journey was incredibly well written and beautifully delivered. This piece won the 2007 Sony 4k "Domie" Award. It is incredible, so check it out.

J.Walt Adamczyk's Spontaneous Fantasia

An incredible journey of real-time 3d animation and immersive art. Presented for the first time in Stereo 3D at Dome Fest this is a experience that needs to be seen to be believed. Mesmerizing in its ability to completely take over the visual synapses to draw the audience into the work like nothing ever experienced before. J.Walt is an incredible gift.

Check out the Dome Fest 2007 Finalists and 'The Domies'

DomeFest's Sponsors

SkySkan Sony INFITEC Ziess Harmony Channel Global Immersion SICORP UNM ARTSLab & LodeStar

Please check out and the Wikipedia entry for Fulldome
for more information

It was incredible pleasure for me to meet all of the participants at DomeFest

Special Thanks to

Dr. Peter Popp at Softmachine

Ed Lantz at Harmony Channel
Felipe Melendez at Psi Entertainment
Mathew Fannon at Vortex Immersion Media
Vaggelis Chrsitodoulou at Foundation of the Hellenic World
Alan Caskey at Global Immersion
Robin Sip @ Mirage3D
Harald Singer at LivinGlobe
Kevin Cain at InsightDigital and Maya Skies
Richard Hoffmann at Coyopa Productions
Scott Draves at The Electric Sheep
AJ Epstein at Ethereal Mutt
Mark Prusten at Silicon Arts
Starr Wright at DigitalMedia&Light
Jennifer Skelly at Zula USA
Nick Holland from Evans&Sutherland
Steve Savage and the Team from SkySkan
Brett Silverman at Sony
Mathew Macheri at Alder Planetarium
Dr.Ka Chun Yu at Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Robin Symonds at the Hayden Planetarium
Ryan Wyatt
Hue Walker and David Beining at UNM ArtsLab
John Weiley of Heliograph who suggested I attend, but couldn't be there, you were missed.

It was great to speak with everyone and to experience your amazing works.

I am completely inspired by what you do.

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