Friday, March 14, 2008

Afrika Afrika

On Feb. 21st I was treated to a performance of Afrika Afrika for my 29th Birthday at London's O2 Center (Millennium Dome). The experience was a fantastic exploration of New Circus which is particularly close to my heart. I must say that the Circus elements were brilliant and the performers some of the best in the world.

The Acrobats from Tanzania - Level 10 Sports Acrobatics with the best group configurations of Acro-Balance I have ever seen.

The Contortionists (one from Congo and one from South Africa) were brilliant and super bendy.

The Ball Juggler was also amazing - bounce juggling nine balls, which I have never seen before.

All in all the performers stole the show. The Tented Palaces were fantastically decorated and the design of the show was solid and entertaining. I was very impressed by their use of Dynamic Digital Projection Systems and Static Projection on the interior of the tent, but I must make the comment that their visuals were not strong. I was disappointed that with the level of technology in the space it was not used more effectively.

I was also disappointed in the music, which although African in nature seemed to be a re-hashing of African themes from the Lion King, Miriam Makeba and LadySmith Black Mambazo.

All in all a fantastic show though.. the performers and circus skills are top rated.

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