Saturday, May 31, 2008

Paris to Montreal

For the past two weeks I have been on the road in Europe traveling to Paris twice, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. This has all been a part of my stratigic work consulting for Philips amBX. In Paris I was setting up an amBX room and demo "Pods" at Ubidays - Ubisoft's European Press event at the Louvre for the announcement of 2008's new titles including FarCry2, End War, Prince of Persia, Hawks, Shawn White Snowboarding, Soul Calibre, Brother in Arms and new titles for casual game play.

The amBX focus was on FarCry 2 with an amBX enabled demonstration theater with live gameplay of the latest pre-release build of Far Cry 2. The Theater included a 4 meter wide rear projection screen with an 18k lumen Christy projector. The amBX included 22 RGB LEB fixtures and 2 vented Fan ports for wind effects. Press and deligte response to the entire event and the FaryCry2 theater was huge.

A very exciting week at the Louvre. Gamers, Games, Art and Parties.

I have now landed in Montreal for a week of demonstrations and another theater setup. Life on the road is going well.

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